Gerry Lambert –
Our Journey Is My Reward

A moving true story about family, love, life and loss

Our Journey Is My Reward is a memorable and uplifting memoir that journeys across oceans and will capture your heart from the first page.


about the book

Our Journey Is My Reward

Gerry is an enterprising and happy go lucky Dutch boy growing up in regional New South Wales. As the middle child of nine siblings, life is full of challenges and triumphs.

From living in his parent’s garage to sitting on corporate boards, Gerry’s journey is as entertaining as it is inspiring.

An insightful and at times humorous reflection on the ups and downs of family, friendship, hard work, life, love and loss.

I really enjoyed this book. I've known Gerry professionally for a few years, and have always found him to be kind, observant, optimistic, considered and a deep thinker. These qualities shine through in his book, and I benefited from being immersed in his thought processes.
I particularly enjoyed reading about Gerry's early years, growing up in Australia as one of 9 siblings. In this book, Gerry painted a picture of the "normal" aspects of life, that these days aren't so normal at all!

Charlotte Newland

Very entertaining read, I found the book very well written and a book I seemed unable to put down.
I was particularly drawn to the Lambert family of 9 and Gerry being the spot on middle sibling, The early years of Wollongong, the sporting Lamberts and the community spirit of the entire family.
Having spent much of my own youth surfing in an around the “Gong” I felt very immersed in the story.
Having worked professionally with Gerry for over 10 years and that relationship developing into a friendship I was absolutely fascinated with just as much of Gerry’s life and that of his family, was an unknown to me.
Definitely a book of life experiences that’s so very relatable on so many levels.

Brad Dunne

Gerry's book Our Journey Is My Reward was so easy to read, I couldn't put the book down during my short holiday. Gerry captured so many elements in this captivating story and inspired me to think about my own family's history, sibling relationships and dealing with life's challenges. Straight to the point yet full of storytelling gems, this book is a really great read!

Maja Wolnik

I found Our Journey Is My Reward to be very interesting and I now have a much better knowledge of the Lambert family. It was great to jog my memory with things that I had forgotten. The handling of Brad’s and Hans’s lives was very sensitive. Well done, a great read.

Geoff King

This is such a nice book. Very recognizable in a way. Yours’s and my families lived almost the same life but in another part of the world. What I read between the lines, and sometimes explicitly, is that you all were and are very close to each other, perhaps also because you were dependent on each other. I enjoyed reading it very much.

Jeroen Van AmmersThe Netherlands

What an amazing read, I so enjoyed it with so many things I can relate to. Thank you for the openness of your lives I commend you and thank you so much for the opportunity to read it – CONGRATULATIONS.

Noelene Eastham

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was a very good read with a lot of history.

Ron Smith

I loved Our Journey Is My Reward. I can almost hear the author narrating it. The style makes it feel like you’re reminiscing with an old friend. I love your positivity coming through in the book. Well done!

Maureen (Bobby) Raftery

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the journey and the history.

Edith Graham

Gerry, I have just finished reading your book. I had tears, laughs and lots of thoughts. It really pulled my heart strings. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You deserve every success with this book. You did an outstanding job. Thank you.


The author narrates his story and that of his 8 siblings and their parents in a truly poignant way which creates a visual as I turn each page. The personalization of the book allowed me to fully experience what life was like for people coming from Europe to Australia post WW2 and view through the author's lens as a middle child. I felt transported back in time and found myself picturing this family's struggles yet stoicism and just sheer hard work of creating, making and sustaining new lives in a foreign country.
What really shone, was the parents' absolute commitment and love for their kids. An inspiring story of love, loss, contribution and courage.

Michael Maloney

This beautiful and thoughtful memoir is written from the author’s core and will touch everyone’s heart.
From childhood memories, sporting camaraderie, strong family ties, love and grief, you will feel every possible emotion and resonate with it on some level.
The author delivers some powerful and healing messages and shows that if you trust in the process of life through all of its ups and downs, you will experience a rich and rewarding journey filled with love and lots of smiles.
Gerry is an exceptionally gifted, wonderful soul and those that cross his path are exceedingly fortunate. An inspiring read – bravo!


I really enjoyed Gerry’s book. I found it well written about a large migrant family growing up in the days when you played on the street or in your backyard. Gerry’s schooling and career journey was interesting and inspirational. The chapter on Brad was touching and heartfelt. Well done Gerry.

Di Hart

What a great read! Loved the story – Ged you are definitely a quiet achiever. Over 30 years I have known you and I am quite surprised as to how much I really didn’t know about you. I highly recommend this book.


I really enjoyed Our Journey Is My Reward. I’ve read quite a few biographies and this one was a highlight for me. It was easy to read with very relatable content and heaps of great stories. Gerry has definitely made life count so far. The chapter on Brad was heartfelt and very well written. It was also cool to read the Yourtown mentions in there.

Andrew Niven

I got the book, read it for the following week and found it hard to put down. I could definitely relate to Gerald’s earlier years. I found the book at times to be humorous, and at other times I found the tears welling in my eyes. The book is about tragedy, hardship, success and a lifetime melding great friendships and the deep respect formed for family, particularly the respect he and the rest of his siblings had for his mother. For me it made me reminisce on my own beautiful mother and how these women sacrificed so much to see us achieve. I enjoyed “Our Journey Is My Reward” immensely and I hope you do as well.

Tony Bulters

What an interesting and inspiring read! Such a great achievement to have researched and written it, and a fantastic resource for your extended family. I really appreciate you making it available to all we non-Lamberts.

Jane Crombie

Omg!! What a read!! Your book is fantastic. It bought back so many memories of things over the years. You have done an amazing job with the book, particularly putting down so many memories in such a way that it made me laugh and cry. Your family is amazing, what a legacy your mum and dad have left the world!

Janette Rayner

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about the author


Gerry is the middle of nine siblings from a family that migrated to Australia from the Netherlands after World War II.

Gerry has a very wide circle of family and friends and thrives on continuing to build and nurture these relationships. He is an active contributor to the Gold Coast community where he resides, and has volunteered with several charitable organisations.

Gerry is an experienced company director and senior corporate executive and has previously held a variety of senior finance, chartered accounting, business consulting and academic roles in a career spanning over forty years.

Gerry loves sport and games, and isn’t afraid to say he’s a little competitive at the club trivia he attends each week.


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